2017 Brookside Swim Lessons

Forms available online. Please fill out this form and mail to Brookside or return it to the office with the fee prior to your child’s first swimming lesson. 

Brookside offers a unique swim lesson program focused on pool safety and familiarizing our youth in an aquatic environment. Each Class will reflect American Red Cross appropriate skill level. In addition, new this year, we will be offering stroke and turn proficiency for the level 6 swimmers who already participate on swim team but want to develop maximum efficiency.

Odd Levels: 11:15 to 11:45
Even Levels 11:45 to 12:15

Session #1: June 19 – 23 and June 26 – June 30

Session #2: July 10 – 14 and July 17 – July 21

$60 per child per two-week session

Lessons ONLY open to Brookside Members and one form per child.

Any questions: ask the manager.

Class descriptions.

Level I: WATER EXPLORATION — Orientation to aquatic environment; create a sound foundation for aquatic and safety skills

Level II: PRIMARY SKILLS — Expand on fundamental aquatic locomotion and safety skills

Level III: STROKE READINESS — Increase swimming skill competency; practice safety and non-swimming rescue skills

Level IV: STOKE DEVELOPMENT — Develop confidence and competency in strokes and safety skills beyond preceding levels; introduce breaststroke and side stroke

Level V: STROKE REFINEMENT — Continue stroke refinement; introduce butterfly, surface dives and springboard diving

Level VI: STROKE PROFICIENCY — Develop maximum efficiency and endurance for strokes; introduce flip turn

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